Do you need development services on the TYPO3? Or maybe you need an experienced TYPO3-developer?

We provide TYPO3 services: programming, migration, customization of templates and creation of complex extensions for sites on TYPO3.

TYPO3 is a flexible and high-produced content management system that easily adapts to any business task. Most of our clients from Germany choose TYPO3. Due to the fact that this CMS is open source, as simple web sites, as complex projects can be created on TYPO3.

We specialize on websites development based on TYPO3 of any complexity: from small business card websites to online stores and portals with multi-language support.

We guarantee a serious and thorough approach to tasks!

Services for TYPO3

  • Creation of a website on the TYPO3 includes the installation and customizing of the integrate package. We carry out all stages of development of the website. We do the layout setting, installing and customizing of TYPO3 systems, connecting the sample, adjustment of all modules, etc.
  • Completion of sites on the TYPO3. We fix bugs, install additional modules, etc.
  • Adaptation in TYPO3. We customize your TYPO3 website in accordance to your requirements and purposes.
  • Programmers on TYPO3. We develop custom extensions and TYPO3 templates. We customize the TYPO3 modules for site administration. 
  • TYPO3 Migration. We move CMS to CMS, do the migration to TYPO3. The process of moving the site may include a new layout of the current template under TYPO3, after that we install the system, modules and content.
  • Optimization in TYPO3. We configure the TYPO3 website for successful promotion in the Google search engine.