From scratch development

Are back-end services required? Do you need a web-programmer for PHP, JavaScript or DataBase? Are you looking for an experienced back-end developer to work remotely?

We provide full stack development of web applications. Just give us your idea and all the rest is our work:

  • Task description formulation.
  • Design development.
  • Layouting process.
  • Back-end development (any PHP CMSs or frameworks, native PHP, Node.js etc).
  • Database development.
  • Front-end development (layout integration).
  • Placing the application to the host, e-mails configuration, SEO optimization.

Websites creating of any complexity, working with various CMS and frameworks, refining and supporting existing functionality or creating a new one - Cocooned's back-end developers are able to do any task you want.

We develop responsive websites and portals based on Typo3, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS. As well as custom solutions using frameworks Yii, Symfony, Zend Framework, Laravel etc.

It isn’t enough for a modern web-developer only to write a code. Nowadays, projects are becoming more complicated. We have a number of developments and a wide experience in the sphere of web-programming, creating of separate scripts, developing of full-fledged applications with the use of various technologies and languages.

We work directly without intermediaries, so by the end of the task you’ll get 100% dedication to the project.

If you order the web-development from us, you will get:

  • A code that other developers can understand from the first line.
  • Responsive and hight-level programmer.
  • 100% manual coding.
  • Work without intermediaries, directly with you.